Emotional Brilliance™ Creates Greater 
Resilience, Agility & Unity 
to Save Lives in Policing 
With Proven, Easy Formulas like The ARTe™ of Fearless Leading:

Act with inspiring courage, Respond with resilience, Think from a higher consciousness, and Engage with a mindset for success.

Why Is This Course for You? Because Emotional Intelligence (EI) for Law Enforcement Can Help You Save Lives & Families in a VUCA World. (volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous)

What Our Course Provides: Throughout this highly participative Emotional Brilliance™ Academy (EBA) session participants will discover the basics of Emotional Intelligence (EI) by simply understanding and managing yourself before understanding and managing others in every day language for quick application based on 25+ years of scientific research.

How We Deliver Proven Results: Applying on-line Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessments with customized reports for self-discovery, participants will explore the application of EI through engagement, video, and interactive exercises.

When You're Successful A Challenge Meets Action: Highlighting applied Emotional Intelligence (EI) through Emotional Brilliance™ strategies like ARTe™, participants will create a SMART plan to grow their own EI skills with practical models like NAME™ (notice, accept, manage, and express emotions safely) and "Go 2™" (going to your best emotion in the moment) for continued success beyond the teaching environment.

Respected Trusted Instructors:

Cathy L Greenberg PhD leads and trains successful leaders across law enforcement and the military as do our Emotional Brilliance™ Instructors & Certified Coaches
Dr. Greenberg is a pioneer in the application of Emotional Intelligence (EI) for law enforcement agencies, first responders, and the military with over a decade of specialized focus and training around emotional intelligence. As a behavioral scientist, she's published #1 International Amazon, #1 Wall Street Journal, and #2 New York Times best-selling books with 5 dedicated to the science of social intelligences like courage, fear, and happiness.

Her experiences with the brain and body's neurobiological responses to stress while supporting operators during scenario and training missions have allowed her to go "inside the mind" of working warriors, UFC athletes, and sports celebrities. Based on these extraordinary emotional intelligence discoveries and through her dedication to experiencing life alongside these warriors, including shooting, skydiving, and defensive tactics - she's translated her work into the Emotional Brilliance™ Academhy applying over 500 consulting and training programs that have included the topics of emotional, social, and strategic intelligences for over three decades.

This leading-edge course was developed with and for everyday heroes across local and federal law enforcement agencies, special response teams, including military operators across special warfare units at US Marine Corps, US Navy, and the US Army specifically to allow participants to explore their own EI. Her experience training both military and law enforcement professionals has afforded her insight to how the culture of law enforcement and community policing utilizes beliefs that impact EI, in the moment, when making critical decisions.

Cathy helps combine the keys of self-awareness and wellbeing with an understanding how to manage individual resilience for responses vs reactions. In addition, the adaptations required for self-regulation and problem solving which can define life or death decisions or actions in the moment.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • List the five components of emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Demonstrate EI strategies for effective interpersonal skills ("Go2™")
  • Understand and define empathy for themselves and others
  • Apply N.A.M.E.™* for daily EI
  • Define two of their personal patterns in EI
  • Use their "Go2™" emotions in the moment

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